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Testimony from my husband.  After knee surgery in June I have been using the balm for pain and it's amazing how I can do stairs without pain and how I can work for hours with little discomfort.
My testimony I had an ACL and meniscus tear 20 years ago . I had surgery and had to use pain meds for a few years. About a year ago I started experiencing pain in the knee that had surgery. I started using the balm and it has helped a lot . I walk with little discomfort and I am able to sleep much better when I apply the balm to my temples. It's an awesome product
Carmela M


I can't say enough about Daddy Bones Balm.  I have suffered from back spasms for years due to a car accident.  A friend had me try it and I had relief immediately.  I use it now nightly just to keep the spasms at bay.  I have shared it with others and they have experienced similar results.  The added benefits just make it even more amazing.  I feel so relaxed and sleep comes easily without you feeling fuzzy.  Thank you for helping me stay spasm free.



We acquired this wonderful product called “Daddy Bones Balm.”  My husband, had such severe back pain at night that he was taking Norco for the pain.  Since we have been using this Miracle Balm he has been completely off the drug and doing great.  Thank you Daddy Bones Balm,  we are forever grateful.

G Anderson


Three months ago I need to take two rounds of antibiotics. During that time I also experienced extreme stress with personal challenges, and my job involves working under bright LED grow lights. These three huge factors are what I convinced myself created a rash on my chest that after three months I thought could possibly be shingles...cancer?? It started between my breasts, itching, tingling, moved up my chest to the areas that were just exposed to any light.The painfully deep itching, swelling, raised rash, scabs, look like I had sun poisoning, got worse. My sleep was affected and I would lay something over my chest and claw myself raw. I tried hydro-cortisone, olive, coconut & sesame oil, pure soap, Dove white soap, baking soda, aloe, ACV, cold compresses, it hurt to have my bra and top touch, it became raw, red, scabbed, and swollen.. why didn't I go to the doctor? Because by this time I had convinced myself I had something so terrible that I wasn't ready for the diagnosis. The mental stress, physical pain and the appearance created depression and shame of not taking care of myself. Why? I had commitments on the calendar which needed to get do, family visits and fear of not being able to work, I put it off until mid-June when my sister came to visit. Seeing my chest and was insisting I go to the ER. By this time the condition of my skin was so terrible that I had scabs and swelling up to my jawline, neck was swollen and I had no energy at all. I promised my sister on the day she left that I would go to the dermatologist. A budtender at Rio Vista Farms noticed my chest that day, she suggested I try EROS. Eros is marketed as a personal lubricant and I never thought of applying that to my chest. I washed my chest, applied a EROS from bottom of jawline to the mid-breasts and went back to work. I realized a few hours later that I had no itching .. AT ALL. 

After work that day, I washed my chest and applied Eros again and went home the condition of my chest was 100% improved from when I went to work that morning. I was almost in shock that it was 'too good to be true' because I have never used a product with immediate results such as this. I took a picture of my chest I went to work the next day applied EROS twice. Day 3 I showed no signs of scarring, scabs redness, swelling or itching. I purchased a bottle. This cure was beside me the whole time I was at work and I never thought to use a sexual Lube on my chest. This medicine has returned my skin to a healthier condition than it has been in years since it has healed my multi symptoms I figured it has to work on skin elsewhere. I am 55 years old, so I dabbed it under my eyes starting with the outside corners working in the skin on my brow bone, my forehead deep wrinkles and the line and crevices between my brows, my lips, my jawline down my neck toward the middle of my breast. The difference is noticeable immediately and my skin feels great. It is been only two weeks now I apply this three times daily morning, after work shower and a bedtime I have used only 1/4 of the 2 oz bottle, use it mindfully a little goes a long way. This blend is a skin healer. Not only that, my 14 year old niece from TEXAS was visiting and in the state of Texas taught her Cannabis is bad. My niece saw my chest and after seeing pictures of my chest 3 days after the application was enough proof to show her the incredible healing properties of a cannabis plant. The following is a list of things that Eros has healed for me rash, redness, heat, deep needle pin prickle, raised skin, pain, swelling, scars, scabs, skin conditioning, smoothing, plumping skin wrinkles, loose skin on neck seriously, and the emotional suffering. It just simply heals on contact and it feels good. This is a lasting cure.