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Daddy Bones Balm

Daddy Bones Balm creates natural healing salves for everyday people. Our hand-crafted salves combine the finest herbs and oils with compassion and integrity; delivering a product that is a truly life-changing experience.

Daddy Bones Balm - My ParentsOur story starts with my father, a football star, an amazing diver and WWII veteran who began to suffer the symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. As a family, we began to research the benefits of cannabis and it's effects for inflammatory diseases. As a result of our research we decided to make an ointment with cannabis to see how he would react. He was so pleased with it's ability to reduce the pain and swelling associated with his arthritis, he suggested we share this product with others who were suffering with the same ailments. 

Daddy Bones Balm - My Dad and MeMy mother's nickname for him was Daddy Bones. Why? We're not exactly sure but, when experimenting with the balm, I used to massage his inflamed joints to give him relief.  

With the passing of CA Prop 215 (medical) and currently Prop 64 (recreational), we are able to have the product available at dispensaries.

Now that people understand the plants healing capacity, we have developed a US grown hemp balm made from full spectrum cannabidiol oil. Under the US Hemp Farming Act we are able to made our hemp balm available to all states which you can purchase from us.  Please email if you are interested.

Our other regulated products are available through our distributors.

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